Ah, So This Is What Purgatory Is Like…

Being a Presbyterian, I’m not a big believer in purgatory. However, the past several days have subtly led me to reconsider my views on this issue:

Friday: Occasional coughing and clearing the throat, nothing to complain about. Work went as normal.

Saturday: Full blown hacking, coughing, headache, tiredness, slight temperature. Missed a whole day of work when I really can’t afford it.

Sunday: Too sick to stay awake for more than a couple hours at a time, let alone go to church, plus full-blown fever. Emailed professors and sent homework early (usually I like to work on my homework on and off for the full amount of time I have to work on it: starting right after it’s assigned, completing a functional draft some time later, and revising up until the deadline. As for my last assignments, I know my C++ code is fine because I completed it before I became ill.)

Monday: Too sick to go to class, like I figured. I started an Excel Saga marathon like I’d been meaning to for a couple years, but was too fuzzy-headed to enjoy most of it. I got to episode 13 and quit.

Tuesday: I was hoping I’d be feeling better than this. Now I know that sometimes you just need to let diseases run their course, but I don’t want to miss two Structured Programming classes in a row, dang it!!!! It’s not like I’m being forced to miss classes that are tedious or annoying. It’s not like I’m being forced to miss classes at one of my old high schools. No, I’m being forced to miss classes I love taking at a school that has a friendly atmosphere and a great learning environment. I haven’t loved going to school for… Hmmm, it’s Feb 2008, so that would mean… at least fifteen years.

Did I kill someone and not realize it? Do I need to be kinder to my siblings? I’ll try to covet less, if that will help. I JUST DON’T WANT TO MISS ANY MORE CLASSES BECAUSE OF THIS STUPID VIRUS!!!!!


Wednesday: We’ll see what happens. I don’t even know if what I’m typing right now is 100% making sense(I’ll fix it when I’m better), but hopefully the Lord will be merciful and let me go to Struc. Prog. tomorrow.

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