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Monday night, our Game Design I prof mentioned that we should copyright our game designs. He was talking about homework at the time. But this way more public, so I figure I should probably copyright the Snippets even though they’re weblog posts. So I will.

To reiterate in case you think I’m going to make what I’m about describe for real: I’m not. The Snippets are mostly random thoughts that I don’t intend to make into anything myself. In a few cases, I’ve rethought that desire and am considering doing a yes/no interaction prototype in a specific setting I haven’t posted a snippet about, to prove my point, but mostly they’re too much work for designs that won’t mesh with the “main” designs I’m keeping to myself. Those designs I’m keeping to myself because I’m going to actually try and make them either as hobby projects, for college credit, or professionally.

Incidentally, this site is awesome. It’s 300 game prototype designs by the guy who does the webcomic A Modest Destiny. I really think he should stop and try to develop some of them for real. In fact, at least one game that looks inspired by his early ideas has already been done. Although he is working on an adventure game, it’s a relatively standard one in terms of game features. I can understand his desire to try to walk before flying, but I hope he does get around to something awesome and revolutionary and doesn’t just rest on his laurels when his first game is done. Or worse, Real Life interferes and he simply can’t afford to do anything awesome and revolutionary.

I’m hashing out a game design that I intend to use both as my main Game Design Document this semester as well as trying to actually make a prototype of it in the summer. And maybe, just maybe, use the prototype instead of Torque as the basis for a finished project for Game Design 2. I haven’t discussed this with my GD1 professor yet (Hi, Harb!), in part because this is all pie in the sky thinking right now.

But this sort of thing has been done before. Even if I don’t turn out to be the next John Carmack, I think a project like this is worth trying. If it does work, this could very well be my Commander Keen. Then, for GD3, I’ll plan my Doom. Pun intended. 😉

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