Even My Cat Likes Half Life 2

As Shamus Young mentions, even 71 year old women are playing video games these days.

But I’ve got an even better story.

Most games are too abstract for my cat to understand. She learned early on that the strange sounds and sights coming from those odd boxes were not real. This is, in part, because there is no scent to them (which is the same reason she ignores mirrors), and also because the things stay in the box.

Usually she has no interest in what’s going on in the box. She enjoys it when I sit down to watch TV at night because she can sit on my lap. But, with a few exceptions, she usually pays no attention to what’s actually on the screen. If it’s a documentary about birds or fish or something like that, she takes notice, but otherwise she isn’t interested. This goes double for video games.

However, I noticed her paying attention when I was playing Half Life 2. She seems to particularly like it when I kill headcrabs, most likely because they are little squeaky things that run and jump around. I believe her interest in Half Life 2 is mostly because it’s a first-person-perspective game and is pretty straightforward visually. She doesn’t pay attention all the time, but, as often as not, I’ve noticed her watching the screen when I’m playing HL2.

On the other hand, she has shown absolutely no interest in Darwinia (PC) Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (DS), or Soul Nomad (PS2), but I forgive her because she’s just a cat.

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