Portals & The Teleporter Part 2

Before I get back to the P&TT screenshots, I have a few semi-random Portal HL2 screens that I didn’t get around to posting before.

First off, let’s see what happens when we shoot a Rocket Propelled Grenade through a portal.

Good so far…

and boom! Now what if…

Now I thought it would work just like before, following the laser straight through the portal.


Well, duh, of course it’s going to take the shortest path to the end of the laser! Silly me.

That’ll teach him to tell me to pick up the can again.

Sometimes crossbow bolts go through the portal and sometimes they don’t. I think it has something to do with which surface you put the portal on.

Speaking of which… There was this one time I decided to free the citizens in this room.

This time the bolts went straight through…

Man, he’s touchy! Doesn’t care that I just shot radioactive rebar through his buddies but does care if I get to close to him. Sheesh.

I say this calls for an attitude adjustment.

Shall we? Let’s.

Oh, I swear this never ever gets old. I might not want to do it all day, but I could do it every day.

Hey guys! You’re free! Aw man… Their AI just can’t handle freedom yet. I guess I’ll meet up with them later in the Follow Freeman chapter.

Okay, so anyway, back to the Portals & The Teleporter. This portal was placed legitimately, since it seems the whole desert floor is amenable to placing portals.

After Lamarr’s breif scripted scene, it seems she is content to sit there. That crow seems pretty calm too.

I suspect that this area was going to be larger and part of a later level, because there’s quite a bit to walk around and see. Well, it’s mostly just sand, but there are a few neat landmarks.

Like this big old rock formation that I don’t think was used anywhere else.

These telephone wires can be walked through. Wheee!

It might not be apparent from this shot, but these are scaled down miniatures. I don’t think you can see these, even in the background, normally, so it’s kind of funny. I mean: did they just forget that they had left them here?

I Noclipped to get over here, but I wouldn’t have seen this part if I hadn’t been using portals.

Well, like my Behind the Scenery post, I have to leave on a bit of an anticlimactic note, but when you’ve trekked around far beyond where the level designers have intended you to go, there isn’t a whole lot to do. I could spawn a Strider here and watch the poor thing stumble around and fall into the abyss, but that would be mean. Maybe after I play through Follow Freeman again and get PO’ed because it’s impossible to keep my guys alive with all the striders shooting at them. Yeah, that’s when I’ll be cruel to a few Striders.

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