Half Life 2 Episode 3 Wish List

In preparation for my humongous All Valve Games post which I’m probably splitting into several parts) I purchased Half Life Source on Steam and played through it. I’ll explain my thoughts on it when I get to that part, but first I have something that requires no uploading of any graphics.

On a related note, I’ve decided to drop Friday updates at least until I am able to have a reliable home connection. I may update sometime from Thursday to Sunday, but I’m only guaranteeing the Monday and Wednesday updates now.

But I digress. Finally finishing Half Life 1 has allowed me to add two more items to my Episode 3 Wish List to make it a nice even 10 items. I was holding off on posting this until later, but it’s the only completed bit of writing I can post that needs graphics uploaded with it. So here it is:

Half Life 2 Episode 3 Wish List

(regular readers take note: this won’t make sense if you don’t know the full stories of Half Life 1 to Half Life Episode 2 and Portal)

1) Revealing the G Man’s origin or at least his motives or at least who his employers are. According to the commentary, the G Man has a canonical back story which is hinted at in Episode 2. They’re not just making it up as they go along: there really is something to be revealed. Finally explaining exactly what the G Man is up to would be a fantastic reward for playing through the Episodes trilogy.

Exactly who is it that controls the Xen Borderworld at the end of HL1? It’s not the Combine, because the G Man sends you to overthrow the Combine in HL2. It’s not the U.S. government (or the shadow-government faction that sends the soldiers in to kill Gordon Freeman), because it’s highly doubtful that a shadow-government faction would have operatives who can bend space and time at whim (the G Man) but not see the Seven Hour War coming. But I could be wrong about that.

2) The chance to kill an Advisor. Preferably in a horrifically brutal and painful manner. This might sound a little bloodthirsty to those who aren’t aware of the HLep2 story, but trust me, they’ve got it coming.

3) An appearance by GLaDOS. If she pretends to help and then tries to stab the good guys in the back, all the better.

4) Confirmation of Judith Mossman’s connection to Aperture Science. This would technically be a retro-active continuity change, but would nevertheless be completely consistent with what she says when you meet her in HL2.

5) A new weapon. Preferably something like the Stun Baton or another previously Combine-only weapon. Something we may have seen before but haven’t been able to use in HL2.

6) Some new Aperture Science toy. It doesn’t have to be the Portal Gun. It doesn’t have to be portable. But some neat toy or other.

7) The return of Barney, even if it’s just a brief cameo.

8) The chance to lead a swarm of antlions again, or some sort of “alien weapon”. There were a couple different alien weapons in the original half life: the wasp gun which shot out stingers, and these vicious little one eyed beetle guys that you threw and they ran around and bit anything they saw. The Antlion Pheropods are the only thing like those weapons in HL2, and you only get to use them for one chapter in HL2.

9) A return to Xen, and/or a visit to an area full of friendly vortigaunts on an alien world. In HL1, you get to run through a bunch of areas on the “Xen Border World” which is really a bunch of islands floating in space, possibly near a Gas Giant. There is evidence of actual alien culture and even some odd vaguely industrial-looking equipment. Some of the vorts on Xen are non-hostile, specifically, in an area where there were just vorts and no other aliens, which lends credence to my theory that the original vorts you fight are only hostile because they’re being controlled by the Nihilanth.

Unfortunately, Xen, like every other place in Half Life 1, is full of hostiles and you don’t get the chance to see what it’s like when you’re not blasting away and/or running for your life.

10) An explanation of exactly where the Combine organization came from, how they are/were connected to the Nihilanth, and what their interest is in Xen and Earth. Xen is constantly called a “border world”. Earth is most likely the one side, but what is the other? Is that where the Combine came from? Was the Nihilanth actually opposing the Combine?

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