Garry’s Mod! ROFL!

I had heard about a Mod for Half Life 2 called Garry’s Mod through the Concerned webcomic.

I wanted to try out Garry’s Mod for myself before I bought it, so I tracked down the last free version and installed it. Here are the results:

In Half Life 2, they never let you use the Civil Protection Stunsticks. You can pick them up, but they only count as an energy-pickup for your suit instead of a real weapon. In HL2 Deathmatch and Garry’s Mod, you can use them as a weapon. Feel free to imagine what happened to this Metrocop when he demanded that I put the soda can in the trashcan again. Ahhhh, how sweet it is!

Now it wouldn’t be right just leaving these two bodies right here, now would it?

That’s better! (This is the Physics Gun, which comes with Garry’s Mod and can be used to pose anything that can be moved around.)

A simple use of the gun is to lock a couch in mid-air in a doorway.

This guy just freaked out for some reason when I told him all about Garry’s Mod.

Oh Noes!!!1! A barnacle has the G Man!

Apparently barnacles find Dr. Breen much tastier than the G Man. This one just kept chomping away for a while before finally letting go.

Stupid Antlion Guard! Hey, I wonder if five SLAMs will pacify it. (SLAMs are the other new weapon in HL2DM.)

I happened to get a very good shot of the SLAMs going off. Ahahahaha!!!!

Now you can either spawn “rag dolls” and pose them or just grab enemy bodies and do the same. Live enemies won’t work. But that is unrelated to this screenshot of the Antlion Guard and Dog enjoying an evening dance in the moonlight.

This is what I imagine Dr. Kleiner’s dreams look like.

In conclusion: I am very convinced that spending $10 for the latest version of Garry’s Mod is going to be worth it, especially since I have only just scratched the surface of what’s possible in these screenshots, and the next version is going to include most of the resources from The Orange Box!

EDIT: Actually he’s already implemented them. Sweetness.

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