New Schedule: MWF

It seems that posting “more often” is turning into a mess. I can’t post every day, and sometimes I want to post twice in a day, but I don’t want the few people who actually read this to miss anything by overlooking something. And updating randomly isn’t helping me either. So I’m going to do myself and the readers a favor: posting on a regular schedule.

Starting next week I’m going to try out a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and sometimes Saturday schedule. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays I will either restrain myself or start a draft of my next post in Microsoft Word. Those days are usually not good days for me to post anyway. Every MWF I will write something, and I won’t be splitting anything up anymore unless I actually plan to do so ahead of time. Only finished articles will be posted, and always MWF if I can help it.

On the downside, this means there will be a lot more “filler” posts. But there will be something new here three times a week. If I can keep up the rhythm, this should help me post more interesting stuff here as well as helping my writing in general. It allegedly works for Eric Burns, (except when he gets all moody and updates less than once a month) and I’m hoping it’ll work for me.

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