Test Drive Five!

While I realise this may seem like another random change of subject considering recent posts, I am going to get back to Source Engine related things. However, yesterday Pinnacle released the latest version of the Savage Worlds Test Drive.

The reason I’m writing about it here is that I updated the Test Drive to the latest version of the Savage Worlds rules. However a lot of it needed updating, so it was more like a rewrite in places even though some paragraphs remain untouched from the previous version.

Anyway I am ecstatic about it finally being released as it means two things: I can finally talk about it and it also means that I have officially written an official Savage Worlds product. In fact I’ve co-written a Savage Worlds product with Shane Lacey Hensley. And regardless of my involvement it’s a pretty good product. Simon Lucas and Cheyenne Wright did all of the graphical and layout parts of it, and it looks darn nice too.

Check it out at http://www.peginc.com (If you are looking at this post later and the news item is no longer on the front page, go to the Downloads page. There should be a link to the Test Drive from there.)

Next week I’ll sort out, re-edit and post the Orange Box and Portal HL2 related stuff. I’ve decided to incorporate my thoughts on a few HL2 mods into my Orange Box post(s) which is the main reason why it’s taking so darn long to finish. I know it’s just a weblog, but I think the effort will be worth it.

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