****** HL2 glitch riddle

Here are few screenshots from HL2’s first level. There are quite a few odd things about them, and the riddle is to figure out exactly what I’ve done to get these glitches. The glitches themselves were not intentional, but amusing side effects of the one thing I’ve done. Note that other than Impulse 101, I am not cheating using the console or using player-made mods in any way. (Impulse 101 is necessary, or else figuring out what I’ve done would be too difficult this early in the game.) Some of the clues may seem like red herrings to those who haven’t done the same thing, but keep reading and see if you can figure it out without staring too hard at the title of this post and figuring it out the easy way.

(Note that if you haven’t played HL2 or any Source game, you will have a much harder time figuring out what the heck is going on.)

On with the show!

So we start the game and things look pretty normal. Except the G Man isn’t talking. Huh?

Oh! We have a crowbar (thanks to impulse 101, that’s not part of the riddle) and this guy isn’t talking to us. Maybe I’ve slipped into a parralel universe where City 17 is populated by mimes?

Well I’ve got my Gravity Gun, naturally. But it isn’t doing any good because I accidentally got myself stuck on this guy! Help!

Well I managed to jump off the guy and I’m going to grab a camerabot just because I’ve never cheated to get the Gravity Gun at this point in the game before.

Hi, Dr. Breen! Oh wait, he isn’t talking either.

Wow, the floors are really shiny!

Hey, Guard Dude, why are the floors so shiny? And what’s back there?

Nevermind, I’ll just see for myself. Oh, I better use my flashlight… My flashlight… [f]… [f]… Why isn’t my flashlight working? Impulse 101, you have betrayed me!!!!!

Man, how did those guys get in there? That’s weird because there’s no entrance or exit. I know I didn’t Noclip. (BTW: There’s a third one in there, but it kept floating into the back corner where you can’t see it.)

Hey, there’s another guard! Maybe he can explain what’s going on!

Hey, listen, I think there’s something screwy with the physics in this level and… You’re not even paying attention to what I’m saying!

OUCH!!! Hey, that’s weird. I don’t have Buddha or GodMode on, I haven’t messed with the damage settings or cheated at all (except for Impulse 101). Oh I get it: he is damaging me, but I’m regenerating the damage instantly! It makes so much sense now except why is this happening without cheats!?!?!?!

Well forget him. I’m going to go back into that space where those camerabots were and look around. (NOT using Noclip!) Hmmmm… Oh, yeah I forgot I don’t have a flashlight, darn it.

Whoa! How’d I get up here without cheating?

There are lots of fun tricks to try, but they give the answer to the riddle away. I’ll be posting the answer and a bunch of fun screenshots in a week or two.

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