Weblog Reboot & Game Snippet 1

Despite my initial enthusiasm, I quickly lost interest in weblogging for the sake of weblogging* just as I tend to lose interest in any subject of project if I don’t have motivation to pursue it beyond pursuing it for it’s own sake.

This is true even for entertainment. I don’t go to movies simply to be entertained, but to file the memory away in the massive database in my head for later reference. I recall it later, mentally highlight the parts I liked, examine why I liked them, analyzed the parts I didn’t like and think of ways I would change or improve the product from my point of view. In fact, I have always done this, ever since I was a kid. With all kinds of entertainment from books to videogames.

But the point of all these mental exercises was that I always wanted to get a job in some sort of entertainment industry. For a while I was enamored of special effects and wanted to get into Industrial Light & Magic. For a while I wanted to join Pixar (looooooong before Toy Story) when I had seen a video of Luxo Jr., Red’s Dream and Tin Toy. Either Pixar or Mainframe Entertainment for reasons that should become obvious if you Google it. For a while I wanted to get into newspaper comic strips, comic books, novels, hard science (for NASA), television(writing and/or acting), webcomics and other pursuits I was actually serious about at the time. But ultimately, it all came back to my first love: videogames.

I played my first game when I was three years old. I decided I wanted to make one of my own right then. Twenty-five years later I feel more or less the same. Since I can do it professionally, and it’s the second biggest entertainment industry there is right now after books (look up the facts: videogames are bigger than Hollywood worldwide), I won’t lose interest. Plus, it seems that it’s one of the few things I find myself unable to lose interest in.

In any case, tying this weblog with videogames (and some tabletop roleplaying) just like Shamus Young http://www.shamusyoung.com/twentysidedtale/ should be sufficient motivation to update this weblog much more often.

And so I’m starting over with a new focus. I’m not getting rid of the old posts. They’re there to remind me of what happens when I get unfocused. The first of many Game Snippets will be posted in a moment.

*As I believe I’ve pointed out before, despite the fact that I’m using a service called “Blogger” I despise the “blog” contraction. B is the last letter in “web”, not the first, and it just makes little sense to me.

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