So Unbeleivably Stupid That I Can’t Stop (well not quite)

My buddy Josh recently roped me into joining Facebook.

My gosh, it’s just a bunch of unbeleivably pointless busywork. Yahoo Groups is better for nearly everything useful that Facebook does in terms of Groups. Blogger and/or Livejournal are better for the writing and publishing side of things. And the “games” that Facebook has, like Vampires Pirates and “Starcraft” are so unbeleivably mindless and unsophisticated compared to… oh… your average Playstation 1 game, that I really don’t see how they could obsess Josh so.

And yet… I’m sticking with it for now. There is some genuinely useful stuff on there, like the Savage Worlds Group. They could seriously improve the main page by changing the pathetically linear “wall” to something more like a proper weblog (and maybe that’s an option already, but I haven’t figured it out yet). They could come up with games that aren’t completely pointless invite-fests (and maybe there are some that I haven’t found yet). In other words, Facebook seems like a collection of inferior versions of other things I already use (except Livejournal which I don’t use… yet). But I could see this eating away a huge portion of my time if Facebook did fix my gripes with it.

Anyway, that’s my review of Facebook as it is now.

UPDATE: A few months later, Facebook is just about as uninteresting as ever. I might be tempted if I was a decade younger, but not the way things are now. I’m still on it because sometimes it serves as an alternative to email, but I don’t check it that often.

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