I Want To Be Optimus Prime When I Grow Up (again)

Despite some “choppiness” in the editing and some slightly adult humor that might prevent my kids seeing it sometime in the future (when I finally have some), the Transformers movie is nothing more than pure uncut AWESOMENESS. There are NO spoilers below so feel free to read further whether you’ve seen it or not.

Live Free Or Die Hard was also quite, quite good and it’s really not the same kind of action movie that Transformers is. I heard that someone had seen both of them and that they liked LFODH better than Transformers and I wondered how that could be after I had seen LFODH. After seeing both of them, I still disagree with that point of view: Transformers shouldn’t be compared to LFODH but rather The Matrix.

Both Transformers and The Matrix are essentially fantasy movies with science fiction “trappings”. Both start off in the “real world”, feature a somewhat nerdy hero and his girl friend/girlfriend, and involve a conflict with an army of killer robots/”machines” who want to wipe out the human race as well as a few good Robots/”machines” that help the good guys. Transformers has even more action than The Matrix. Transformers has a lot more humor than The Matrix. Transformers is less philosophical than The Matrix, but there is a little bit in there. And, of course, as if all that wasn’t enough, The Matrix doesn’t star Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime.

Transformers is not without it’s flaws. Pretty early on it seemed like the movie was originally intended to be a Return of the King length epic as opposed to the slightly-less-than-that-length epic that it is. For example: the first chase scene goes from late afternoon to after sundown in a split second, and it really seems like there was supposed to be more to it. Some conversations also seem a little cut short, and I either missed the explanation of why the good guys were headed for a densely populated city full of innocent bystanders(other than it made for an awesome battle scene when the bad guys caught up), or that explanation happened too quick. There are a lot more examples of this, and I’m hoping there’s an Extended Edition with smoother transitions.

But other than these relatively small flaws, it’s just plain good. Good acting, great action sequences and the visual effects were even better than I was expecting. And Peter Cullen is the voice of Optimus Prime. Optimus is pretty much the same old Optimus I remember from my younger years, but somehow managed to become ten times more awesome. Maybe Peter Cullen has been doing nothing but some kind of awesomeness excercises for all these years, but it certainly worked.

In the original series Megatron was a lot smarter, charismatic, and conniving and not so psychotic… But in the original he wasn’t frozen and prodded by humans for a hundred years either. I guess if I was frozen and prodded by feild mice for a century I might want to kill them all as soon as I was thawed, especially if I was a decepticon, so I guess I can forgive Meggy for going nuts instead of playing his usual Bond Villain-type role. (And no, this wasn’t really a spoiler.) But Starscream…

Sheesh guys. a loyal Starscream? I really hope there’s some kind of scene added to the Extended edition where Starscream is somehow plotting against Megatron at least a little bit.

Anyway, I have to cut my review short because the library is kicking me out. Transformers = awesome. Peter Cullen = awesome. Go see it now.

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