Free Time-ish!

Well my work hours have finally been reduced and I’m less miserable than before. Yeah, yeah, but I’m not complaining about work, it’s this friggin cold/flu thing combined with my allergies that’s killing me.

The medicine is almost as bad, because I take the Night stuff and then forget that it makes me a bit less coherent than usual. This is on top of (usually) still being on a slight coffee buzz. Then I post on the PEG forums for a bit and the next morning Clint private-messages me with a little note that goes something like this:

Clint: By the way, you broke the forum rules again last night.
Me: D’OH!

It wasn’t that bad every night, but I’m finally starting to recover now, so hopefully I’ll be good from now on. And more free time definitely makes me happy.

Because more free time means more time to work on what I want to work on. Some of which I’ll be writing about after Origins. Wait and see. 😉

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