What I’ve Been Doing Instead Of Typing Here

It looks like I’m going back to monthly Weblog updates for now.

I’ve accepted a position as Shark Bytes Editor in Chief. http://www.sharkbytes.info Between this and my Real Job I haven’t had as much time for other things.

I’ve finally booked my hotel for Origins at a nice cheap rate that won’t kill my game-buying budget. http://www.originsgames.com Origins will take up a good portion of my tax refund again this year, but it’ll be worth it.

I haven’t gotten around to watching every Buffy episode that has commentary yet because of various Anime sales and the release of Kodocha on DVD. About five or so years ago I saw the first 30 or so episodes of Kodocha on pirate downloaded fan-subbed video and I couldn’t wait to buy the real thing. The real thing is fantastic. The voice actress who does Sana-chan is even better than the original in my opinion, which is quite a feat. The storyline is as good as it ever was, of course, and hopefully I’ll finally get to see the entire series as they release it on DVD.

Kingdom Hearts II is out. It’s pretty friggin’ good. It starts off with a loooong prologue in Twilight Town, but it’s needed to set up the story that takes place over the course of the rest of the game. The first two worlds (after Twlight Town) could easily have just been put in the original game, which I think was deliberate for those who haven’t played the first game. But after that, specifically in Olympus Colliseum, we’re most definitely deep in Sequel territory. While not every world’s storyline ends on a sour note, the impression is given that Nothing Will Be Quite The Same Again. I could give examples, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

(Timeless River, the “Steamboat Willy World”, is fantastic.)

I haven’t quite finished Dragon Quest VIII because Kingdom Hearts II came out, but since Mark managed to lose the disc for KH2 (Yeah, I know: Mark losing the disc? I wouldn’t have beleived it if he hadn’t admitted so himself.), I’ve gone back to DQ8 and finally made it to the World of Darkness*! Now I just need to finish this post and then I can finally go chat with the godbird Empyrea.

*No relation to White Wolf’s World of Darkness, in case you’re wondering.

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