This ( is why I continue to read Stephen Notley’s Bob The Angry Flower comic. The robots are a reference to a specific videogame from the 1980s (and/or also the recent remake) called Robotron. I find the idea that robots might destroy mankind for the exact same reasons I often feel like doing so… very, very funny.

If only Steve would lay off the Bush-bashing for two seconds, I might like all of the site. I devoted exactly one post to Democrat-bashing in my blog because I prefer not to let my enemies waste my thinking time. But, dang, Steve seems a bit obsessed. It’s not like he liked Clinton either: it seems that Steve is basically a peacenik fruitcake who by definition can’t be satisfied with any American president, period. Or I could be wrong. I don’t know him personally.

But still, Steve does give me reasons to keep reading the comic. This one is another of my favorites: Very, very mean. But very, very funny.

The main Bob URL is

[Insert segue here]

In completely unrelated news: Aaron, a freind and player in my Zombie Run Savage Worlds campaign has a blog now. I guess I can link to it, despite it’s content:

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