Noooo… I can’t stand RMXP!!!

It’s just not fair. I went back to the RMXP official page just now and I see that they’re actually giving a ton of good support…

But I have no time to do anything with RMXP! Oh, beleive me: I want to. The precioussssssss…

But I must type. And edit articles. And do other stuff…

And when all that is done I will use the precioussssss a bit more.

But for now I can’t. So much RMXP goodness and I can’t get involved in any of it!

They even posted a sample game, one of the two very few objections I had (the other being the lack of a general help file / manual beyond the RGSS manual). I’m downloading it, but I know if I play it I’ll be sucked in again… It’s so unfair… I just… can’t.. stand… it…

EDIT: I just looked at the site again. They now have a service where you can quickly and easily set up a web page for your game. *bangs head against the desk in frustration* It’s so not fair…

EDIT 2: Oh I see: it’s just a bunch of links to other sites and not a hosting service. Man, if there was a hosting service dedicated to RMXP games, that would be sweet.

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