Savage Worlds News

Yes, folks, believe it or not I have some news that’s relevant to Savage Worlds.

First of all, there’s my Nafarious Plan which I shall not divulge the details of here. Check out the forums at and look for the To Those Coming To Origins thread.

Second, the new FAQ is just about ready to go as soon as Deadlands Reloaded is ready.

Third, I am going to start a Savage Worlds campaign in my Freindly Local Gaming Shop on Thursday nights. I’ll probably start with some good ol’ dungeon crawling and Zombie Run but I’m hoping to get an actual Deadlands: The Weird West campaign going with the new Reloaded book.

Fourth, I am the new Conversions Editor for Shark Bytes. That’s right, if you want a conversion published in SB, you now come to me. if you don’t know. No applause is necessary, thank you.

In other news, I have a few semi-finished Essays of Christmas left that I haven’t posted. I’ll get to them eventually.

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