An Open Letter To Pete Abrams

Dear Pete,

This is in part a response to and Eric Burn’s general attitude towards Oceans Unmoving. (See as well if you’re not a Sluggite yet. OU is, at the time of writing, a looooooooong storyline made longer by unecessary (but entertaining) interruptions like Christmas Ninjas.)

I get OU. I even like OU and the cast is growing on me. It took me a while to warm to them because of the fact that SO MANY OF THEM WERE INTRODUCED AT THE SAME TIME. That, I feel is the real problem with OU. Simply that a ton of characters were introduced at the same time. With the main Sluggy Freelance storyline, we were first introduced to two slacker/geeks. Then their pet. Then their potential love interest who is constantly exasperated by them. Then another pet. Then some of their freinds. Then an alien. (some of this may be out of order) Then Sam and Val turned out to be vampires, but they were already established as existing characters. Then we had storylines like Muffy and Torg Potter which were parodies of existing characters. Then we had magnificent epic storylines like Fire and Rain, Kitten and That Which Redeems. All of those used mostly established characters.

But with OU, we were thrown into the deep end too fast. I must admit, Eric does have a very good point. Apart from Bun Bun, OU has little to do with Sluggy Freelance as a whole so far. But I have a feeling that there’s a big twist and it will tie into the “main universe” somehow. I suspected that Blacksoul was actually Oasis or maybe Aylee somehow. That idea was blown out of the water recently. But like Eric, I’m sticking with it. There’s something Pete isn’t telling us(other than yet more trivia about the geography of Timeless Space), and I suspect that when that thing is revealed, it will make the whole storyline relevant in some way.

I mean: Since Timeless Space isn’t really timeless just “hostile”, what if it actually is the main Sluggy-verse? What if, as soon as someone greys out and they never get re-timed, they find that everything in OU actually took place in an instant in the normal universe? What if the Oceans Unmoving… are the real oceans?

I was wrong about Blacksoul being from the “main universe” and I doubt John Jacobs will be someone from the main universe (I thought so at first, but there aren’t any other characters that sadistic except maybe K’Z’K and I don’t see how K’Z’K could fit into this storyline). But I bet there’s something at the end of OU that’ll make it all relevant.

So, Pete, I’m not asking you to rush OU too much. Just make it relevant. Like have the Bloody Bun crash into the Real World at the end and Zoe has to share her bedroom with Kada. Or something. Or just make it “worth it” in some way that doesn’t involve killing off all the characters I’m finally starting to like. I’m trusting you, buddy.

No pressure. 😉

A devoted reader ever since “A Carnivorous Smurf For Kimmy Sue Hassenpfeffer”,
Matthew Mather

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