Weird Time-Warp

I finally watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer. No, no, obviously I’ve seen the entire TV series because I won’t shut up about it. I mean the original movie.

The movie is very interesting, especially with the perspective I have on it. With the series I knew some things were going to happen for certain(like Spike surviving and/or dying but then coming back until the last episode of Angel), other things I guessed happened that turned out to be wrong (what, not a single time travel episode? Joss, what’s wrong with you?) and a bunch of things I had absolutely no clue about(Like the fact that Seth Green was in Buffy before he was in Austin Powers). With the movie, I’ve seen eight years of spin-off continuity, a graphic novel that was a remake of the movie, and I was watching out for Seth Green’s super-breif cameo which he didn’t get credit for.

The movie is interesting primarily because you can see the shadow of something greater behind it. I understand now why the executives were so reluctant to make it into a TV series, because the movie really isn’t that great. There are great moments in it, some of which I know for a fact were written by Joss, and there are other moments that, to put it as nicely as I can, just fall flat. They did a good job for the most part, but it’s obvious that senses of humor were clashing during production.

Some other interesting things are the differences in mythos. Vampires don’t fly (except for Dracula) in the TV series. Vampires don’t do the scary-face thing (it’s more like elf ears and fangs) or dust when they die. Buffy never, ever, ever developed the ability to detect vampires in the TV series although Giles breifly mentioned that she should have. The birthmark was never mentioned. “The Coven” was never mentioned, but possibly implied at the end of season 7, but Giles knew nothing about them. “The Watcher” was one guy who got reincarnated instead of a secret society of do-gooder bystanders. Buffy’s Mom is some bizarro-world version of Mrs. Summers.

Anyway, the movie is interesting. It was also produced in 1992, when I was twelve years old. Then I visit Homestar Runner this morning and they mention that Trogdor is “three years old”.

That means that the combination D&D/Trogdor reference at the end of Buffy Season 7 is less than three years old.

That means that it’s still been less than two years since the end of Angel season 5.

Man, it feels like so much longer for some reason. I knew that I started watching the DVDs less than a year after Angel ended, but cramming eight years of continuity, four years of which happens in two different series, the first two years of which overlaps with my high-school years, has given me this wierd feeling of being in a compressed time field. Man, Trogdor is only 3.


“Burninating the countryside, Burninating the peasants, Burninating all the people and their STRAW COTTAGES! And the Trogdor somes in the NIGHT!” That’s going to be in my head all day.

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