It’s still 2005 for the next five hours!

You want to know why I didn’t post any more essays? It’s your fault, if you purchased a gift card as a present. So many friggin’ customers over the last few days…

Anyway, Essay #4 will be posted soon. Probably Monday but possibly tomorrow.

As 2005 comes to a close I look back fondly at some of what has happened:

  • We managed to see the entire Buffy/Angel saga except for the original movie (which, for some reason, has been stuck in first place in our Blockbuster Online queue for months).
  • Origins was a great convention (and the much-delayed Origins Report is one of the upcoming Essays of Christmas)
  • I’ve actually made significant progress in writing a novel, which I hope to get published by next year (2007).
  • Harry Potter book 6. I told you so. (well maybe not in this weblog but on other forums I did)
  • The announcement that there will be TRON content in Kingdom Hearts 2 and that we will finally get Deadlands Reloaded in early 2006 have brought me almost equal amounts of joy.
  • Dragon Quest VIII is actually even better than I was expecting. It’s like the game I’ve always wanted to play since Ultima VIII disappointed me with it’s mediocrity. I’ll write an essay on it, but not for a long while because this is a HUGE game!
  • Soul Calibur III is pretty good too, and no easier than SCII.
  • Somewhere out in space the Autobots have defeated Unicron as foretold in Transformers: The Movie. You can sleep easy now, kids.

Happy new year!

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