A few news items

A few news items:

1) I’m going to post a bunch of long-ish essays from Christmas to New Years Eve. I’ve been writing them offline and I’ll post them over the holiday break. Subjects include the long-talked-about Willow Rant (after several false starts), the tragedy of PC gaming, why I’m finally giving up comic books (in several months), and the close relationship between classic Pulp stories and animated afternoon Disney cartoons from the late 80s.

2) After a short setback, it seems the Secret Project will go ahead soon. Other stuff I was working on for free, like the Buffy/Angelverse conversion and Savage Fu II will hopefully get done eventually but they’re definitely lower priority now. I should still have enough time to do my Novel on schedule (full manuscript before the end of summer 06).

3) It seems the X Box 360 is not backwards-compatible with many X Box games. Gosh, a new product from Microsoft that renders the previous product obsolete is also incompatible with third party software based on the previous product? The surprise is almost too much for my heart.

(But I’m still not getting a Mac. Or Linux.)

(Or an X Box 360. I expect the Nintendo Revolution will more than satisfy my next-gen cravings when it comes out.)

4) We’re finally drilling for oil in an uninhabited frozen wasteland that happens to have some very furry deer in it, despite the continued protests of tree-worshippers. I guess there’s some intelligence in our legislative branch after all.

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