A Cute Cat Story

I came up with the idea for this post a while ago, but then I put it off and we were almost done the Buffy/Angel Saga so I decided to drop it. But then my family kept bugging me “You should write about it on your Blog!” So ALL RIGHT, I’ll write about it since I have a little free time.

When I first got Buffy Season 1, we were a bit disorganised. Mom, and I saw it seperately, but then we decided to see the rest of the series together. When I was unemployed a couple years ago, They started showing Futurama on weeknights on Cartoon Network. It became a nightly tradition that Mom and I would stay up each night and we eventually saw the entire series from the beginning to end that way, only missing one or two episodes that we caught on re-reruns later.

Anyway, my point is that the Nightly Buffy Marathon had precedent, but we had never done something as epic as watch 254 hours of television continuity (give or take commercial breaks and special features) over a twelve-month period. This had quite the effect on our lives, including an interesting development in the psychology of our cats:

Julie loves to sit on our laps, especially when we watch television. Ryan, the younger one, doesn’t for some reason. (My theory is that Ryan “learned” from Julie that our laps were Julie’s Territory, though both of them sleep on everyone’s beds sooner or later.) Anyway, Julie soon learned our pattern of behavior centered around Buffy and Angel and came to recognise “want to watch Buffy?” or “We’re watching Angel” as meaning “TV Lap Time”. She even comes running when she hears Sarah Michelle Gellar or David Borneaz’s voices on the TV.

So now when we’re watching something at night, even when it’s not Buffy or Angel, we just say we’re going to watch Buffy or Angel and sure enough, Julie comes and curls up on one of our laps. Joss Whedon has trained our cats well.

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