It’s finally over…

As of 1 AM this morning, the whole grand epic Buffy/Angel saga has been watched. I had overestimated how much of Angel season 5 I had seen originally. Rather than the “last half” it was more like The Episode Where Wesley’s Father Shows Up, bits and peices of others, part of The Last Cordelia Episode, The Beginning and End of The First Illyria Episode(that’s part 2 of the 2 part story I’m not spoiling, not part one and I missed the middle of it), skipped the next one and then saw the last four from beginning to end.

I still can’t remember what the other show(s) were that conflicted with Buffy and Angel originally. I guess they don’t seem as important anymore.

I think I now sympathise a bit more with one of the characters in my novel now. (Yes I’m being deliberately vague and mean and you’ll just have to wait until it’s out to understand exactly what I mean.) Knowing for certain that someone you like is going to die at a particular time and in a particular way doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to witness it, even when that person is a fictional one…

So anyway, I’ll finally be posting my rant(s) relatively soon, but I do have a few other obligations to attend to first.

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