Angel Season 5

Well it’s almost 2:00 PM and I have to work until 11:00 PM. This means that I didn’t get around to all of the things I wanted to do today, including The Secret Project (dang it). But I have a good excuse. Not long after my last post, Mom informed me that we finally had Angel Season 5 from the library. I’ve been watching it all morning instead of doing important stuff. So now we’re about half-way through it.

(Well if you don’t think it’s a good excuse, then too bad.)

Now that I’ve seen Buffy and Angel from the beginning, Season 5 is even more enjoyable than it was originally. It’s kind of a pity that it will all be over “so soon”. I’ve managed to compress thriteen seasons, filmed over seven and a half years (Buffy season 1 was only half a year), with a cast of dozens of main characters and thousands of minor characters into one year-long Buffy/Angel marathon. I’ve also read some of the novels and many of the comics in that time, which really adds to the experience. At no point did I suffer “burn out” from any of this, though Buffy Season 4 had me worried.

I also discovered Firefly and saw Serenity in theaters twice, so if you throw those in, it’s a little over 8 years of TV, plus a movie. I still haven’t seen the original Buffy movie yet, but it’s #1 on our Blockbuster Online list so we should have it soon.

Now, conveniently in time for Christmas, I’m almost done the whole shebang. There’s still a few comics to read, and quite a few novels to catch up on, and my own fanfiction to write if I ever have the time… But in terms of the TV shows, I’m almost done. I’ll get back to you guys when the dust settles. As Lorne would say, “Ciao for now!”

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