An Interesting Turn of Events

Yep, no post yesterday. As I’ve been saying, posts will be extremely sporadic in December due to my increased work schedule. Some news:

My Buffy (actually Willow) rant will wait until I’ve had a chance to see season 4 again, just to be extra fair. We still don’t quite have Angel Season 5 yet because someone prefers to pay fines instead of handing it in so the rest of us can watch it, dang it!

I will still work on my novel for at least until my Novel-Writing Class is over, and I still intend to finish a manuscript, hopefully before next summer. Also, I am working on other things I have promised to work on such as The Ravaged Earth Society (, the Savage Worlds Yahoo Group FAQ(, and the [can’t say because it would spoil what my Mom’s Christmas Present is]. However, something new and unexpected has come up.

I may have a Secret Project. Yes, one of those Cool Secret Projects. It has been very fun to work on in the short time it’s been in existence and I am very enthusiastic about it. Can’t say much more about it right now, because it’s a Secret Project, of course. It might not pan out, and then it’ll probably end up as “fanfiction”, but this time I might be on to something. All will be revealed in due time.

Incedentally, the Secret Project has nothing to do with Fullmetal Alchemist, Buffy, The Ravaged Earth Society or any other established Intellectual Properties. It does spoof some of some of them, however…

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