The Cat In The Hat and the common cold

Well let’s see:

1) Sleep until almost 11 AM because the cold I hoped I had gotten rid of is back with a vengeance.

2) Watch the Mike Myers version of Cat In The Hat because “Surely it couldn’t be that bad.” (Yes, yes it is that bad.)

3) Try and pick up my car from the car fixing place with Mom. Find out that she doesn’t have quite enough in the one account and we have to go juggle money around before we can pick up the car. Drop off the food for the kids at the play because the car/money thing was taking too long. Finally pick up the car.

4) At 6:30-ish, finally get around to posting in the weblog, read the latest TRES draft so JB & co. can fix it, go through email, work on the novel (maybe), read the POD version of OVA which just arrived ( , it’s good so far), write down notes on various “99%” things that might get bumped up to the 1% that actually might get done, watch the Saturday Night Tapes which now have a horrific backlog of stuff I haven’t gotten around to seeing.

Yep, I’m on number 4 right now. Let me explain something to you about Mike Myers and Jim Carrey:

Jim Carrey can portray characters he has not invented with relative faithfulness. It seems that although he can’t resist putting a slightly wacky spin on them (see A Series of Unfortunate Events and Dr Suess’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas for exactly what I mean), the characters he plays do actually resemble the originals.

Mike Myers seems completely incapable of doing that. There are a few actually funny parts in his version of The Cat In The Hat. The running gag with the lawyers and contracts was funny. The introduction of Thing 1 and Thing 2 was funny. The Hippy & petition sketch was funny. The rest of it… Well think about it this way: What if the next Bond movie starred Mike Myers as James Bond and he acted just like Austin Powers? Austin Powers IS NOT James Bond.

Whatever character Mike Myers was playing, it was not The Cat In The Hat. But they tried to tell me it was. That, along with the frightfully unfunny “jokes” (almost all scatalogical humor or puns) throughout most of the movie, just made the whole thing a horrible mess. The boss and boyfreind characters were funnier than “The Cat” was (97% of the time) and they had much smaller parts. Now, part of it wasn’t Mike’s fault. I noticed that a lot of the lines were maimed because of the way it was edited and were probably delivered with much better timing when they were actually filmed. But a lot of the material just wasn’t funny, and/or worse, really shouldn’t have been in a kid’s movie.

All right, I’ve typed enough. Brain Wants To Sleep, but Brain can’t have sleep yet because it would screw up my internal clock and I need to be at work this time tomorrow. (It’s only 7:00, Brain! Snap out of it! Have some coffee!) So I’m off to try and finish the rest of item 4.

P.S. Brain is too tired to spell Mike’s name properly. Sorry…

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