A Ransom Note

I’ve been writing the Savage Worlds Yahoo Group FAQ forever. Well, “forever” in this case meaning almost exactly three years now. John Constable wrote the original versions of the FAQ, but I’ve been pretty much responsible for the whole show since the release of the Savage Worlds Rulebook.

Recently there haven’t been any new updates to the FAQ. This is because, since the release of the Rulebook, I like to time the release of new FAQ versions to the release of major Great White Games products. This way, I don’t have to release one version and then rush back and change everything when something major does come out. Back in April, we all thought that Deadlands: The Weird West SW Edition (a.k.a. Deadlands Reloaded) would be out for GenCon in april. Well, it looks like we won’t get it before spring ’06. http://www.greatwhitegames.com

Now don’t get me wrong, Low Life looks neat and would definitely be worth releasing a new FAQ version… except I had already re-written much of it to put the release of Deadlands: Reloaded in the past tense. I also made many other updates that I would have to do a total of three times if I was to start over again from the April version of the FAQ.

So this is a ransom note of sorts. To avoid editorial headaches, I’m holding the Savage Worlds FAQ hostage until I get Deadlands: Reloaded (or at least until DL:R is available for purchase). The latest version of the FAQ is right there on my hard drive. Just waiting to be uploaded. All the updates on the latest products and everything. But it will be completely incorrect if I do it now.

After all, I don’t want to jump the gun.

And I will be exposing the FAQ to more horrible puns like that if I don’t get my DL:R soon.

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