Let me clear something up that I didn’t mention: I have a video casette recorder. In fact, we have a total of four if you count the ones built into the TVs in Mom and Mark’s rooms. There’s one problem with video casette technology: The video casettes.

With computer files, you can save them, rename them, move them, change them, make copies, sort them into folders and all with a few clicks and/or drags of a mouse. With video casettes, you have to remember which tape is which and what is recorded where and when. You also have to remember which has changed where and when and how much room there is on each tape. You also have to communicate with others where and when what is being recorded when and in which room and who wants what and what can’t be recorded over yet and what can be recorded over and multiply all of that by the number of people who want shows each week and the number of shows and the number of different people recording things. Then remember Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

I have just one night of TV that I watch. Saturday night on Cartoon Network. I know I’m missing a lot of good stuff, but thanks to Murphy’s Law, it’s impossible to watch anything else until we either get a Digital Video Recorder (which will record shows as if they were files and eliminate all of the problems mentioned above) or Digital Cable (so I don’t have to record anything at all and can watch stuff On Demand). I’ve tried. I’ve tried so hard… But it’s just not statistically feasable anymore to watch TV with our current equipment unless it’s on DVD or that one night on that one channel… *sigh*

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