Two good movies

Well I went to the movies twice today and wasn’t disappointed twice.

Chicken Little is the latest computer generated movie from Disney based (relatively faithfully, for once) on the short classic children’s cautionary tale about overreacting and getting facts straight. In the original story, and acorn falls on Chicken Little’s head and he runs around yeling “The sky is falling!”. (bear with me as I haven’t heard it in about two decades so I might get some of the details wrong) Chicken Little runs and tells Goosey Loosey who tells Foxy Loxy who tells Turkey Lurkey and so on. Finally Farmer Bob (or whoever) sorts it all out by going back to Chicken Little and figuring out that it was just an acorn.

In the movie, that’s more or less what happens in the beginning. However, instead of a farm, it’s a whole town full of critters with extra characters borrowed from sayings (“Fish out of water”, “Runt of the litter”) and other stories (“Ugly Duckling”) or just made up (“Morkubine Porkupine”). Chicken Little’s commotion makes him a town embarrasment and they even make a movie about the incident, making him out to be completely nuts. Pun probably intended.

After a while, Chicken Little has a terribly unlucky day, in which we are introduced to his freinds. Then CL gets opportunity to make up for all his misfortunes and mistakes by signing up for the baseball team. In spite of all the odds, CL actually wins a game by hitting a home run. Hid Dad is proud and the town has more or less forgotten about The Sky Is Falling incident. CL is happy, his freinds are happy, the whole town is happy everybody is a fan of classic rock. The End.

Well, not quite the end, because it turns out that Chicken Little was right. Chicken Little was right, and that’s just the beginning. Dun, dun, duuuuuuunnnnnnn!!!!

Zathura is a movie that bears an awful lot of similarity to Jumanji. That is because it’s based on a book by the same author. Two kids find a game and they start to play it. The game invades their world and they have to survive the events of the game for real.

Jumanji was savage jungle-themed while Zathura is 1930s-50s Sci Fi themed. There are a few interesting differences: in Zathura, fewer of the events are hazards. However, those that are hazards are still pretty tension-inducing and those darn Zorgons decided to come back even after their card was discarded… The special effects are pretty good, ranging from your basic starscapes to a robot on the rampage. A very good late-night movie, I saw it at 10:30 PM.

In summary, both films are probably more enjoyable for kids, although they’re still pretty good for me.

Chicken Little is good, for example, it’s much better than Shark Tale, especially if you like classic rock more than hip hop (and I don’t say that just because I like classic rock more than hip hop). I’d say CL is almost on par with Pixar films. Almost.

If you haven’t seen Jumanji yet, I recommend you see Zathura first. Otherwise, it’s not quite as suspenseful because you know the ending will be essentially the same(it’s not quite the same, but it’s close). Both Jumanji and Zathura are pretty good.

Getting tired. Must Sleep. Post again on Thanksgiving Day…

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