House of Flying Daggers

I just saw House of Flying Daggers, which we got from Blockbuster Online. Good film. If you like Hero, you’ll like Flying Daggers. Can’t say much else without spoiling it, but it has lots of action, romance and adventure. Also, naturally, lots of flying daggers.

Starting in December, I won’t have nearly as much Internet Time as I usually do. Holiday Season means Holiday Shoppers. Holiday Shoppers means Hungry Holiday Shoppers. Hungry Holiday Shoppers means long and busy but extremely profitable business hours for our Subway shop. So, thanks to Chris Cringle, I’ll be lucky to post once next month. That’s part of why I decided to do MyBlogWriMo.

Angel Season 5 is slowly being passed around the folks “in line” ahead of us at the library. But we’ll have it pretty soon, so I am going to hold off on my Epic Buffy/Angelverse rant.

I’m “scheduled” (not that I have a real schedule other than when I’m supposed to be at work) to see Harry Potter 4 tomorrow, and I also hope to see Chicken Little and Zathura before they leave theaters. With Narnia LW&W and other “kids” movies coming up, I fear I don’t have much time, especially with the expanded work hours.

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