It’s the 80s, Mason…

I figured out this morning why I had such a reaction to the harddrive yesterday. It’s because it reminds me of the Little Guys from *batteries not included.

*batteries not included is one of the most underappreciated films of all time, mainly because it’s Speilberg, it’s science fiction and it’s not just another E.T. or Close Encounters. For one thing, there’s no kids (unless you count the Little One Kids when they’re born) and half the cast is middle aged or older. Also, it has the immortal Shakespeare-like line “It’s the 80s, Mason. No one’s interested in reality anymore”. That one line sums up much of the themes of the film as well as being extremely ironic in light of later events.

But more on that tomorrow. Stephen “had homework” until 11:30 and now I’m too wiped to write much more. Besides, if I don’t post this now it’ll be tomorrow. So wait about 10 hours and I’ll be back.

P.S. Actually, perhaps another reason I reacted like I did is because it purrs when it’s copying files. It’s just such a cute widdle hawd-dwive!

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