Kinda mellow…

I’m feeling happy right now.

Earlier today I finally purchased a backup harddrive, the LaCie mobile hard drive which is apprently designed by F. A. Porsche, as the box tells me. I didn’t buy it for it’s design, I bought it for it’s practical use. But as I watched it faithfully copying my huge horde of mp3s (just the first step in backing up all my files), looked kind of… cute. I guess design is important after all, or maybe I’m just extremely releived to have a backup system in place.

Another reason I’m happy is because I discovered the particular combination of toasted Italian B.M.T. sandwich and chicken noodle soup. Take it from someone who eats Subway every day: That’s good eatin’! If you want to duplicate the experience exactly, I used Italian Herb and Cheese bread, the regular Italian BMT meats (ham, salami and pepperoni), swiss cheese, toasted it, lettuce, onions, oil, vinegar (very important), plenty of salt and a little pepper. Then add a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a medium Dr. Pepper. Delicious!

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