Infinite Crisis

Argh, I let it be 11:00 (local time) before I started my post. I had plenty of time earlier, I just got distracted. So let’s see…

Something worries me about the new Infinite Crisis limited series. (SPOILERS for those who aren’t familiar with the original Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline and the circumstances that led up to it. Also, SPOILERS for those who haven’t read the first two issues of Infinite Crisis.)

(For those who tuned in late, Infinite Crisis is the sequel to the original Crisis on Infinite Earths. An actual sequel, as opposed to the half-baked Zero Hour or any of the other CIE imitators. See, once upon a time the Justice League of America discovered that there was an alternate universe where the Justice Society of America lived. Both the League and the Society had Supermans named Clark Kent, although most of the other members were different. Whenever something came up that required both superhero teams to join forces, it was called a Crisis. One day, someone started destroying the multiverse one universe at a time and thus began the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

By the time the Crisis on Infinite Earths was over, there was only one universe left (in DC comics continuity). Earth 1 and Earth 2, the Earths of the JLA and JSA respectively, as well as the Earth of the Captain Marvel universe and two others were combined more or less seamlessly into a single continuity. Instead of being spread out, all the superheroes that survived the Crisis were on a single Earth. A few “anomalies” including the Superman of Earth II (the first Superman or Superman I), along with Superboy-Prime, Alex Luthor (from Earth 3) and Lois Lane from Earth II simply left the universe. Then everyone except Psycho Pirate ended up forgetting that there ever was a Multiverse. Until Zero Hour, but that’s really just a footnote in the continuity, especially since Parralax has finally been dealt with and Hal Jordan is a hero again. Also, something happened in the Animal Man comic and the Kingdom storyline where they revealed something about something called Hypertime, but I don’t have those TPBs yet. )

Anyway, the gist of what’s been happening in Infinite Crisis is that Superman and Lois (I), Superboy-Prime and Alex Luthor have returned to the main universe. Earth is a mess, with heroes turning on each other (partly due to the excellent Identity Crisis storyline last year), OMACs on the loose (ordniary folks stuck inside hero-hunting robots), all of the villains teaming up like they haven’t since the original Crisis, Shazam is dead and a ton of ancient magic has been loosed, and Rann and Thanagar were at war(but I missed the first issue of that miniseries so I’m waiting for the TPB to catch up). So it turns out that Power Girl is actually Supergirl from Earth II, missing her memories but otherwise not-erased-from-history. This is an especially interesting anomaly, since another Supergirl recently showed up in the same universe before this revelation. So the question is how can two different versions of someone from before the Crisis and after exist at the same time? But more importantly is something Superman (I) says at the end of Infinite Crisis issue 2 “This corrupted and darkened Earth must be forgotten as ours was… …so that the right Earth can return.”

Oh. My. Frickin. Gosh. DC ain’t messing around this time. The original Superman is back as an antagonist!?! I’m worried about this. Very, very worried that we’re going to have an ending even more jarring than the end of Identity Crisis. Superman I obviously beleives very much in what he’s going to try to do (restore Earth II at the expense of the current one) and he’s gathering some of the most powerful beings in the universe to help him (Power Girl, Superboy Prime and Alex Luthor). Superman I is also especially motivated to change the universe because he beleives it’s the only way he can save Lois, so it’s not like he’s going to be talked out of it. I bet he’ll have the JSA on his side before long and since the JLA is in shambles, and distracted by all the other threats, he’ll have the time to make quite a bit of progress towards his goal before anyone even realises the truth. And when they do… I think that Superman II is going to end up killing Superman I to save the universe (that is, save the current version of the universe and billions of folks from being erased).

Of course, I could be completely off on this. But it would fit all of the forshadowing perfectly. I enjoyed the return of the Age of Apocalypse and the House of M storylines from Marvel this year, but I have to say that Infinite Crisis, so far, trumps Marvel’s efforts in terms of oh-my-gosh-what’s-going-to-happen-next. I think it’s mainly because I knew that the Marvel Universe was going to go back to normal after House of M (and, in an interesting twist, that’s not quite what happened). Anyway, I’m getting too tired to type coherently, so I think I’ll end it here. Plus, it’ll be tomorrow in a few minutes so I’m out of time. G’night.

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