Hello, Class!

I have to go to work soon, so I’ll keep this breif. Hi guys! (It turns out that my classmates have been reading my weblog, which means I’ve probably doubled my readership! Awesome!)

In Supertime news, I finally came up with a good idea for the opening scene to the first chapter on the drive home and I typed some of it already. I might be “done” the first chapter soon, and by “done” I mean it will at least make sense reading it straight through, with no gaps, and I won’t need to take out anything else (though I might add more later, of course). That’s definite progress.

Now I just need to endure the Holiday Season where Boss will be working me literally night and day while a relentless stream of customers come to eat at our Subway. Then, afterwards in early January, I look forward to being able to have enough time to do some decent research on the 1930s and catching up on the old Pulp stories, golden age comics and novels to try and give Supertime that authentic Pulpy feel. By summer 2006 I might even have a finished manuscript! But we’ll see.

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