Why I try to stick to non-commercial mp3s

Generally, I get my music from two sources: sites like Overclocked Remix, http://www.ocremix.org, which is a site that has free original mp3s on it, and ripping music CDs that I have paid for (like my extensive Weird Al Yankovic mp3 collection, every single track of which has come from a CD I have paid for. Me no Hooligan!). I don’t buy a lot of music CDs but if I did, this would be enough for me to give up buying CDs altogether:


When my younger sister clicks on a pop-up window that installs spyware/adware/malware because she doesn’t know any better (She has now been WARNED) and I have to deal with the consequences, I am quite angry and I take solace in the fact that the makers of said -ware will most likely burn in hell for all eternity. Those quite literally damned fools are the scum of the earth and I have no guilt over wishing them the worst.

When a major media outlet acts like those -ware makers… I think I’m either just in shock or I’ve reached a whole new level of loathing. That they could be so incompetant as to end up acting like those-digusting-creatures-that-I-hate-but-cannot-name-because-they-hide-too-well out of greed is just… I don’t know… I just sincerely hope Sony and/or the companies under Sony that are directly responsible for this are given an extreme legal smackdown.

As far as I know, my system hasn’t been violated by Sony, but if it ever is, I will seek out any and all legal action that I can. In the meantime, I will just be very careful about any CDs that I purchase in the future.

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