All right, here’s what I’m going to go for:

Every single day until the end of November, including the ones where I’m working from 1:30 PM to 9:30ish PM, I’m going to write a weblog post. Starting tonight. Tonight’s post is about my novel Supertime.

It’s rather hard to write linearly. I’ll think up a good scene, but it won’t be the one that comes after the last one I wrote. I do have a very short beginning, but most of the writing I’ve done takes place in the middle or end of the book and about half of that I’m going to have to throw out(well I’ll put into a “junk” file, but I mean it won’t be in the finished book) because I already know that I’ve changed my mind on how some things are going to happen.

On the other hand, it is my first book and I wouldn’t want to just write it stream-of-consciousness style because that always ends up a mess. But the non-linear writing style is bugging me simply because it seems like I’m not making “progress”. I haven’t had much to show the class because none of it would make sense without context and I haven’t gotten around to the context yet.

So in addition to my goal of writing a weblog post every day (and it’s NOT going to be about my novel every day), I’ve set a goal of writing something that takes place in the book that the class will understand by Saturday. I think it’s going to be the early part of the book, and in the process I might actually finish the first few chapters. By finish I mean “unrevised first draft” but it will be progress.

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