Chickening Out

Well it turns out doing NaDruWriNi would be too much of a disruption to my schedule for the forseeable future, dang it. Yeah I know “All you have to do is get a little tipsy and post the results! What’s so hard about that?” Well it conflicts with things that need to get done. I only have certain times I can work on my novel because of my Subway job. Between that and Everything Else, it’s just not going to work out.

I guess next time I do have the time/opportunity to get drunk I could just make a post here. Unless I’m too inebriated to remember to do so…

Kung Fu Hustle is an excellent film, BTW. If you haven’t seen it, imagine a combination of The Untouchables and Dragonball Z. Then throw in just a dash of The Matrix and a Road Runner cartoon. Yes, the same astounding geniuses behind Shaolin Soccer have done it again.

It’s kind of like Deadlands combining cowboys and zombies. Or Buffy combining Horror with High School comedy / drama. If you get the mix wrong it’s likely to be horrible, but if the people doing it are friggin’ geniuses then it’s friggin’ excellent.

I don’t recommend Kung Fu Hustle to folks who haven’t seen at least a couple subtitled Kung Fu flicks first. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Shaolin Soccer at minimum. Or: if you’ve seen the Untouchables and Dragonball Z, then you’re all set, just don’t be too freaked out that everyone is speaking Chinese and that 1920s Chicago is suddenly in China.

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