Since I am definitely not participating in NaNoWriMo ( since I know I can’t write fast enough yet, I don’t have enough free time anyway and, heck, it’s my first novel so I don’t think I’ll burn myself out on my first try…

I am thinking of participating in NaDruWriNi instead.


Since I’m working on the fifth, I’ll probably have to do it on the third or the tenth. That’s just the way my schedule works out.

I just thought of something: this means I’ll have to go out and purchase alchohol. I’ve never purchased alchohol before, other than wine in a restaurant a few times (“Would you prefer Merlot?” “Sure, whatever! I’ll have some of that!”). I did have twelve different types of alchoholic drink, kindly shared with me by my freinds and acquaintences, last New Year’s Eve. But I can’t remember what most of them were and that’s not just because of my increasingly inebriated state. (FYI: no hangover the next morning. The trick is to eat plenty.)

Although I’m certainly not against drinking, I have little knowlege of the subject. This is mostly because I’d rather buy books than booze (you can read books whenever you like but booze is temporary) and also because no one else in my family drinks. At least, no one who still lives in our house. [pensive pause] I’m going to have to do research on this subject.

Maybe I should investigate cigarettes and other smokable tobacco products while I’m at it. Some of my old classmates in my second High School smoked (they were legal at the time because of British law and semi-unique circumstances), but I never learned much about the subject. I did have a cigar at my freind’s bachelor party a couple months ago. I’m sure one cigar every year or two won’t hurt…

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