Home Stretch

Stayed up until 2 AM last night seeing the last two discs of Buffy season 7. Just borrowed Angel Season 3 from the library. The plan was to watch Buffy 4, Angel 1, Buffy 5, Angel 2 etcetera and I did manage that. But then I saw Buffy 6 & 7 right after each other and the plan was disrupted a bit. Ah, well… Just three seasons of Angel to go!

On the whole, it was worth it. Buffy as a TV series, I mean. There’s a couple of severe caveats I’ll write in detail about after I’ve gone back and watched the episodes with commentary, but on the whole I did like the series a lot. If I had watched it from the beginning when it started (which I physically couldn’t do at the time because I was in England during seasons 1 & 2 and we didn’t have satellite TV), I wouldn’t have stayed with it until the end. The Willow thing would have just hacked me off too much.

But I did like it, and it’s certainly worth finishing the Buffy/Angel conversion document.

Plus, I now realise there’s a bright side to Firefly’s cancellation: If it hadn’t been cancelled, we might not have had Nathan Fillion as the utter b#$%&^d Caleb. (For those who haven’t seen Buffy season 7, Caleb is the final Big Bad that Buffy faces one-on-one before the LOTR-esque battle with the huge army of super-vampires. He’s sort of the Darth Vader of the series, except he comes in near the end and doesn’t have as much of a personal connection to the heroes. (Which is probably because he was added after Firefly was cancelled.))

I’m not yet sure if Caleb is my favorite villain to hate of all the Buffy villains, but he sure comes close to it. Fantastic job, Nathan. It takes real skill to upstage all the villains who have come before including the “real” Big Bad of the final season. Fantastic job.

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