Serenity The Comic

… is quite good. Like they say, the three issue limited series does bridge the gap between the last episode of the series and the movie quite well. A few of the events didn’t have much impact because I had already seen the movie, and thus the “surprise twist” isn’t a surprise at all. But it’s a darn good story, with the “return” of several characters from the series (that don’t appear in the movie) making life interesting for the crew of Serenity.

The artwork is high-standard Dark Horse stuff, the kind that the Alliance would make illegal “for your own protection” because it’s that neat. The writing and characterisation is spot-on. The only complaint I have is that we don’t really find out anything “new”, other than cybernetic prosthetics do exist in the Serenity-verse. Also, Mal & Zoe seem to do something quite uncharacteristically bloodthirsty in one scene in the second issue, but I might be reading that wrong (Maybe the thugs were acting a bit more agressive than it looks like, and/or maybe they’re not all dead, but it just seemed a bit overkill.).

The scene where Book punches Mal in the face? Priceless.

A must-buy for Serenity fans, and not too shabby on it’s own either.

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