Serenity Trilogy

What? Hey, don’t read this! Gorram it, get your butt back out there and see Serenity a few more times! We want our Big Damn Trilogy!

Oh, you want to know my opinion of the movie? No problem.

Serenity (spoiler free review)

Serenity is a movie I’ve longed for, for about two days. Yes, I was late to the Firefly bandwagon and only finished the DVDs a few days ago. Nevertheless, the movie was just as great as I was expecting.

While it certainly leaves you wanting more, it does resolve quite a few things left over from the series such as exactly why the Alliance is after River and what’s up with the Reavers. However, these elements are introduced in a way that someone who hasn’t seen the series before can enjoy the movie almost as much as someone who has. In other words, you can drag your freinds and family along and they’ll still have a good time.

There is a bit of a gap between the end of the series and the beginning of the movie, during which Inara and Book leave and the crew meet a guy nicknamed “Mr. Universe” who’s a sort of super-genius recluse with his own planet. It’s all explained in the movie. All of the main characters from the series do show up in the movie, though Inara has a smaller part than I expected. But that’s what sequels are for. Speaking of sequels, why are you sitting on your butt reading this when you could be out watching the movie!?! Joss needs every one of us to see it as many times as we can afford to! Scram!

Oh wait, I just have to say: Awesome visual effects. Don’t trust any reviewer who tells you otherwise.

Before you go I guess I’ll reduce the greatness that is Serenity to a mere numerical value. 5/5 Absolutely. Now git outta here!

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