Joss Whedon Has Turned Me Into a Sobbing Wimp

Well my quest to get through every single Buffy and Angel episode (so I can properly finish the Buffyverse Conversion for Savage Worlds) has hit a little speedbump. You may be familiar with it, as it goes by the name of Firefly. I decided to pause between Buffy 5 & 6 and Angel 2 & 3 to have a look at this show Scott Kurtz ( and a bunch of folks on the Great White Games message boards seem to like.

Man, that Joss Whedon. First the episode after we’re introduced to the Aprilbot in Buffy 5 (not giving specifics for those who are actually behind me in Buffy continuity) and then The Message episode of Firefly. Is it me or is it Joss? I mean: blubbering over that episode of Buffy 5 is understandable, but that episode of Firefly is just a self-contained episode where we didn’t even know that character for an hour (45 minutes if you’re watching without commercials).

Y’know, I think it’s Joss. [Insert Chinese for “bastard” here]

But maybe it’s me. I mean I was never quite the same after the death of Aeris in Final Fantasy VII. Which is a deliberate segue into my next post… which appears above this one. Oh well.

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