Ouch, two whole months since my last post, huh? Well I meant to type up an Origins report and it’s already after GenCon. Well I still am not posting an Origins report here (maybe next time), but I do need to post an update if I’m going to keep this thing going. First off: Buffy.

Just finished Buffy Season 4 on DVD. I am vaguely reminded of why I didn’t get into Buffy in the first place. We moved back to the States in 1998, not long after Season 2 ended. Then I just didn’t really pay attention during Season 3. I vaguely remember some moments during Season 4, I’m fairly certain due to previews on the WB. However, I also vaguely remember someone else telling me (not in these words) that Buffy had essentially “Jumped the Shark”. http://www.jumptheshark.com It’s true. I mean, what the fark is up with Willow and Tara? How could Willow forget the first three and a half seasons of the series just because she makes a new freind who happens to be a lesbian? What happened to “alternate-universde-vampire me is a lesbian? Ick!” What about Oz still trying to do his best for her, for crying out loud? What about Xander? I’m going to have to listen to the commentary on this ASAP, because it just seems frickin’ weird even for the Buffyverse.

On the positive side, the showdown with Adam was awesome, and the finale episode (the dream one) is quite possibly the greatest Buffy episode ever, or at least it’s the best one up to that point. Rock on, Giles, rock on!

I know the last two paragraphs are four years late, but bear with me. I’m getting to the real point right about… now:

I’m working on a Buffy The Vampire Slayer RPG to Savage Worlds conversion. Despite Shane Hensley (the author of Savage Worlds) writing several books for Eden Studios, no one has yet written a conversion for any version of Unisystem to Savage Worlds. The reason I didn’t do it is because I was catching up on Buffy the TV series. I don’t know how many others have the same excuse, but really, it’s ridiculous that it hasn’t happened yet. So “If you want something done right…”

The Buffy RPG main rulebook along with the Slayer’s Guide, The Magic Box and Monster Smackdown arrived yesterday, and I’m still waiting on the Angel RPG book. Reading them is like walking through a feild of landmines because the main rulebook is still one season ahead and The Magic Box is two seasons ahead. I already sort-of knew about Dawn and “Darth Rosenberg”, but trying to read just the rules while ignoring spoilers is frickin’ impossible. So this particular project is going to take a little while. I did get through Seasons 2 & 4 in just over a week each, so it shouldn’t be too long before I can start seriously writing.

I just hope the TV series hasn’t really jumped the shark, though… (don’t tell me if it does, because if you spoil anyting I’LL KILL YOU!!!!!)

Other things I’m more or less working on:

  • Savage Fu 2
  • Rippers: Bloodlines (the modern-day unofficial semi-sequel to Rippers)
  • The Good Ship Dreadnaut (a creepy post-Deadlands Universe adventure I plan to run at conventions eventually)
  • Bugslayers (my very own “Fantasy Heartbreaker”, which hopefully won’t be too much of an actual heartbreaker)
  • Harry Potter and The Beaudelaire Orphans (a short crossover fan-fiction)
  • Cordelia The Vampire Slayer (a longer fan-fiction, set in an alternate/wish-universe where Buffy had wished that Cordelia was the Chosen One instead of her…)
  • Getting a better job and/or going back to college. This has made some good progress recently, and it looks like I may be able to do both. Nothing final yet, though.
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