Origins in 3 days!

Wow, it’s only 3 days until Origins as I type this. I think I’ll start with a few announcements in bullet-points:

  • The week after Origins is over, work is still expected to be “crazy”(11:00 AM-9:30ish PM) for about a week, but the new girl is almost done training. This means I will probably be going back to “closing” each night 4:30 PM-9:30ish PM starting July 11.
  • More free time means I’ll be free to actually check my email more than once a week.
  • More free time means I will finally be able to put more of my old White Wolf books up on Ebay.
  • More free time means I will finally be able to contribute to The Ravaged Earth Society and Shark Bytes/Nibbles again.
  • More free time means I might even post here more than once a month and write things people might actually want to read.
  • More free time means I’ll be able to organise at least one Savage Worlds campaign, hopefully either a Rippers RPG campaign or the Rippers: Bloodlines (modern era Rippers with a twist) campaign I’ve been making notes for.
  • More free time means less cash-flow and I’ll be hovering just above “broke” after the convention but I can deal with that. You probably don’t care about that at all.

In Everything Else news, I’ve recently seen The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. It was even better than I expected it to be. It’s not really Mystery Science Theater 3000 type stuff, although it might seem that way at first. It’s more like Young Frankenstein than MST3k, but even funnier. “Dance with Animala!”

I’ve also seen Batman Begins. It is excellent, though, as Scott Kurtz points out, it has a few obvious plot holes. On the other hand, I do like Katie Holmes’ acting, and I thought everyone involved did a darn good job. (Except those in charge of making sure everything made sense: the fact that the microwave machine only affects large amounts of water and not, for example, human flesh, bothered me. Not just from a science-geek point of view, but also from a sandwich-maker-who-uses-a-microwave-oven-every-day point of view!) I’m not sure which movie I enjoyed more, but they’re kind of an “apples and oranges” deal. Both are brilliant homages to previous works, but while Skeleton is a perfect emulation of a style, Begins only keeps the essential bits and redefines the rest.

Not much else going on other than sandwich-making. I think I might be moving on to a job completely unrelated to sandwich making and hopefully better-paying in a month or two, but I can’t quit now (or months ago) because my boss is a really nice guy and quitting now would seriously screw things up for him. It was other people quitting without notice that caused this problem in the first place, after all. Perhaps ironically, it might have been better for me to not go to Origins (at least in terms of finances, time spent and stress my absence is putting on my fellow Sandwich Artists), but I think it’ll be worth it. I mean: I get to meet Shane Hensley and about a dozen other Savage Worlds fans I’ve only talked to online.

Plus, I’ll get to play Savage Worlds. I haven’t actually played it in months. Next week shall be glorious!

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