Busy, busy, busy

Work continues to be crazy, although right now I’m technically volunteering for longer hours rather than being forced to do them because of silly teenage girls who quit with no notice. Boss has hired some more people, one of who is a Mongolian lady with a Master’s degree in Economics (but only so-so English, which is why she’s working at Subway instead of a business firm or wherever a Master’s in Economics can be put to good use). In spite of work continuing to eat up almost all of my time I have much non-Subway related news:

1) I’m going to Origins! This is the main reason I’m volunteering for extra hours and neglecting everything else. I’ve bought the ticket/badge things already and am in the process of getting a hotel, which I also have funds set aside for. The extra cash is simply to pay for all the stuff I’m buying at Origins, simply to buy stuff at Origins. For example: while I could wait for the Rippers RPG book to come through my FLGS, it’s just cooler to grab it at Origins since I’m going to be there. The same goes for BESM 3rd edition, and Mage: The Awakening (probably).

2) The guilt I feel for not sorting out the 24 Hour Savage Worlds thing is putting it at the top of my “Do this as soon as humanly possible, dang it!” list. Don’t worry, it’s coming. JB would probably do something about it himself, but he’s busy with TRES stuff, Shark Bytes/Nibbles stuff and increasing his obscenely bloated message-board post-count. 😉

3) Buck Godot is cool. It’s a Foglio comic which took me about 2 hours to read through the entire 8-issue series. It took them five years to actually produce it. (Man, I thought the production schedule for the Girl Genius comic was bad…) It’s got the usual disgustingly-high-quality writing and art, enough plot twists to make the most hardcore 24 fan puke with joy, and has even more characters per page crammed into it than Girl Genius. Yeah, I know that last part is impossible. The printers they used must have been engineered by Sparks who preferred non-Euclidean geometry to our boring “real” geometry.

4) In related news, the hardcover original Buck Godot collection (four short stories that have nothing to do with the Gallimaufry or the Winslow) I got was signed. Now that’s freakin’ cool. I also got a mint-condition hand-written note explaining that they were out of stock of the Deadwood: On Location expansion and that they’d be sending one my way soon. Hand-written. If they’re at Origins, I’ll try to find out who wrote it and have them sign it. Regardless, I’m having it framed.

Did you notice I referred to the note as “mint condition”? I hope I’m not developing a complex.

5) No, I haven’t seen Star Wars Episode III yet. THAT is how much I’ve been working. Heck, I missed Free Comic Book Day!!! Oh, the sacrifices I make…

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