New SW Fans From An Unexpected Source

I brought my print copy of Savage Worlds revised into Church to show my pal “Uncle Ernie”* page 2 where it mentions my name. A few other people had a look at it, including one of the Deacons, Deacon Abraham, who was very encouraging. It looks like I might even be running a game for folks from my Church soon. I had hoped to just get Uncle Ernie interested in The Ravaged Earth Society (because he’s into all the old movies and radio serials and he really liked Sky Captain) but this is even more promising.

*He’s not really my uncle, but he might as well be. 😉

Deadlands with all the monsters and magic might be a bit much for them, but I bet a T.R.E.S. or toned down (compared to DL) Wild Western campaign would go well. I’ll post on this again if I manage to run something like that.

Not much else going on. Well, not much I’m allowed to say anything about.

I recently borrowed the first Tom Strong collection from the library. Tom Strong is a cool and very pulpy comic that is very similar to the “feel” of T.R.E.S., even though most of it does not take place in the same time frame.

UPDATE feb 2008: I really need to run Savage Worlds again. Like, at all, instead of worrying about recruiting unusual players…

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