Double G Press & SUBWAY recepies

What do you call it when a bunch of long-time* Savage Worlds fans get together and form their own game company? Double G Press! Their main game line will be Ravaged Earth, a setting chock full of 30’s Pulp style adventure mixed with a huge dose of weirdness, fantasy and a little sci-fi. I’m on the proofreading team, which tragically means I can’t say anything else about it. But I will say that it’s got “moxie”. Oh, yeah.

*Well long-time in terms of how long Savage Worlds has been out.

Meanwhile, I’ve been putting off posting my SUBWAY recepies for too long. So here’s a few of them:

(toasting optional)

Order a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sandwich. Get swiss cheese, and then tell them you want to put Chipotle Southwest Sauce on the bottom. Get lettuce, tell them to put Ranch dressing on the lettuce. Then get green peppers and sweet peppers and tell them you want Sweet Onion sauce on the top. Salt, Pepper & Oregano optional.

(must be toasted or it’s not as good)

Bring some A.I. sauce with you. Order an Angus Steak sandwich, or substitute a regular Cheesesteak if the Angus is gone. Ask them to put onions and American cheese (or cheddar if it’s available)n on the steak before they toast it. Get lettuce, tomatoes and a little mayonaise. If they’re not busy, ask them to put the sauce on before they close it. Otherwise, just put it on later. Salt, Pepper and Oregano mandatory.

(really must be toasted or it’s not as good)

Order a Chipotle Double Cheese Chicken & Bacon Melt sandwich. Ask them to put a little less shredded cheese and one each of Swiss, American and Provolone. (This way you shouldn’t get charged extra, since the Double Cheese C&B already costs a little more because of the extra cheese.) Ask also for Parmegan and Feta cheese (if it’s still available) before they put it in the toaster. Get any other kind of cheese available too. Then get lots of Ranch dressing, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. Salt, Pepper & Oregano optional.

More SUBWAY recepies next time!

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