Girl Genius Online

In “whatever I feel like” news, the Girl Genius comic has suddenly become a webcomic! This is both great and horrible news for me. It’s great because hey: free GG comic pages ON A FREAKIN’ REGULAR SCHEDULE!!!! I won’t have to wait six months between issues anymore! Joy! But it’s horrible news because I really liked the format of the comics and they’re being discontinued. Man… It’s good news because now I have real incentive to buy the trade paperbacks. It’s bad news because I waited too long to get a hardback copy of the first TPB and now I really want one for completeness sake. (Softcover just ain’t good enough because the comics I already own are already softcover.)

In related news, I think I’ll buy a bunch of Buck Godot comics to celebrate my Ebay success. Maybe the goggles too. Foglio art = Happiness.

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