Ebay II

Well I’ve successfully sold my first book on Ebay and I’ll be shipping it out tomorrow. Joy! Yes, I actually feel pretty good now. Helping my mood is the release of the hardback edition of Savage Worlds Revised (finally!). I’ll be getting my copy soon, you betcha.

I’m cutting back on the d20 Modern thing. In fact, it’s on hold until the new Deadlands: The Weird West book comes out. Besides, I was supposed to contribute to the Savage Features reviews by this point and I’m way overdue. http://www.sharkbytes.info/navigation/nibbles.html I guess you could say that the circumstances were extenuating, especially if you read the three* posts I deleted or my post-script, but I admit it really doesn’t seem very professional. J.B., if you’re reading this I’m back in a Savage Worlds vibe and I’ll be sending the reviews to you soon.

*That last one wasn’t deleted because it was an April Fool’s joke, but it wasn’t supposed to actually be posted. (I didn’t realise it was actually posted due to a glitch in Blogger’s interface and my browser being slow to update.)

There are several reasons I’m waiting on Savage Weird West to complete my d20 Modern conversion. 1) There are several Edges I’ve heard are in it that could be very useful, such as official Martial Arts Edges. These could easily replace the homebrew ones in the current write-up. While I am very proud of my Martial Arts Edges, consistency takes priority. 2) Really, who is reading this who isn’t going to buy SWW? Exactly. 3) Since the Metacreator folks are going to make a datasheet for Savage Weird West (I assume), I won’t need to mess with it myself.

So far, Mom has not had the opportunity to play Savage Worlds with the group. Part of the reason is that she is currently in another State. Maybe next week.

P.S. The ramifications of the circumstances of the death of Terri Shaivo are disturbing, to say the least. For there to be such a horrible breakdown in our legal system is akin to the breakdown of our security pre-9/11. I’ve got plenty more to say than that, but I won’t do it here. I just can’t think about it and Savage Worlds at the same time.

UPDATE feb 2004: I had several other posts on the Terri Shaivo situation here, but deleted them. Suffice it to say that I take comfort in the fact that her husband, the judge in charge, and everyone involved in her death will suffer greatly in hell. Regardless of what justice, or lack of it, you get in this world, perfect justice will be meted out in the next one.

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