Savage d20 Modern

Well I’m back and I’ve figured out what to do with this Weblog. But first, check out my Savage Fu article in Shark Nibbles #3. Http:// Savage Fu will kick your ass.

Anyway, I’ve decided that this is where I’m going to post updates (usually) concerning Savage Worlds stuff as well as maybe miscellaneous things like the SUBWAY FAQ part II. I’ve got plenty of material for that one, it’s just a matter of getting around to writing it down. In other words, I’ll be posting stuff just like what I’ve been posting, but on a better schedule. But right now I’m updating and expanding the d20 Modern Conversion.

The Savage d20 Modern conversion currently is in two places: my hard drive, and a less complete version I posted on the Great White Games forums. I will be sending a version to JB as well as doing a data sheet for Metacreator. The purpose of this project is to get an even longer article in Shark Bytes (or Nibbles) as well as familiarise myself with the intricacies of Metacreator. Since the Sd20Mc involves edges from Savage Fu, I’ll also be doing a data sheet for that. All of these will be available from the Yahoo Group and probably some other sources as well.

The ultimate purpose of this and a couple other things I’m working on is to practice for writing something commercially viable, something I was absolutely not ready for when I originally made proposals to Great White Games a year ago. [For those few who vaguely recall that I was once working on something called Hearts of Steel, that’s the gist of what happened; I just wasn’t ready.] I hope to eventually pitch something to Great White Games* that 1) They’ll want me to do and 2) I can actually finish on a professional schedule. What that something is, I don’t know yet. I’ll probably start with one of the short adventures I’ve been thinking about. Maybe I’ll eventually write Rippers: ING (see for details) or something I haven’t even thought of. Maybe I can at least get an editing gig. Maybe all this is just wishful thinking.

*Or maybe a different publisher, who knows?

In any case, I’ll keep you posted.

P.S. Don’t worry, I’m not a sore winner and I won’t get political on this weblog again unless something mind-bendingly horrifying happens like Hillary Clinton becoming Commander in Cheif of the most powerful military on the planet in 2008. In which case, you can bet I’ll be talking about that. But otherwise, I’ll just be quietly content to have 8 years of a President who doesn’t embarrass me in front of the world.

Wait, was that getting too political? Naw, it’s a post-script so it doesn’t count…

UPDATE feb 2008: I really shouldn’t mix gaming and politics in the same post like this, though. *sigh.*

As for pitching to GWG/PEG, I did manage at least one really neat thing but no big projects. Yet.

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